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What People Say

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'What an improvement! We have been really impressed throughout the week with our meals. Lovely to see Carlton responding to previous feedback' - Grange Primary 

'All staff have been first class and a credit to Carlton Adventure. Thank you all so much' - Pennyman

'All staff fab and friendly - Your instructors make Carlton for us! We all preferred having different instructors' - Mount Pleasant 

'Very impressed by all members of staff. They all had a great rapport with the children and adults. We appreciated how adaptable they were when some children had to go to cricket. We appreciated how caring they were in the high challenge emergency, and they have a great emergency procedure' - Whitehouse Primary 

'The children have eaten well all week (and the staff too!). Kitchen staff were amazing, housekeeping team were brilliant and responded swiftly to any issues we had' - Pennyman

'Friendly staff, range of activities, clean accommodation. The kids all had an amazing time.' - Jesmond Gardens 

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'Opportunities for self-sufficient and challenge - our children have little resilience or ability to organise themselves so this was invaluable' - Our Most Holy Rosary

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